PHORUSAURA | Resilient fast mobile Legendary priority dodger
Mixing the genes of Maiasaura and Phorusrhacos, this Legendary hybrid combines the mobility of the Maiasaura parent with the Sidestep, attack and speed of the Phorushracos parent. Improving upon Maiasaura when it swaps out, Phorusaura has access to Superiority Strike, Swap in Stun, Instant Rampage, and Rampage and Run. Its incredible mobility is compounded by being Immune to Swap Prevention .

Facing Phorusaura? While reducing its speed will give you the edge for one (or a few) turn(s), it can always choose to simply run away or use its Instant Rampage. Patient, armored/shielded counter attackers or Precise Attackers are your best bet.

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