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500 and 500?! Someone messed up that one.


Yeah. not gonna make that till its fixed.

This bug again ! It should only cost 50 for maiasaura

@John and other mods, please inform the team and fix it asap ! Thanks!


Hope they find a way to refund our dna.

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Just found this out waisted over 2000 miasaura DNA I had thanks Ludia

You people only noticed 500 Maia, not only a 100 to create a Legendary?

they are already investigating Amount of DNA required for new hybrids


accidentaly fused once then noticed it’s 500 maia dna… hope they refund that somehow maia is not easy to come around

Liking this guy a lot.

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Need a DNA refund for Maiasaura please

need to contact support please

I did 6 or 7 fuses on this and ran out of DNA. I thought that’s strange I had almost 4k. Man I hope they somehow compensate us for lost DNA. I lost a lot :pensive:

I wrote support on this and indoraptor. I hope Ludia refunds our coins and dna. I was so excited to make new things I didn’t pay attention. I wasn’t affected with the last update but today got me.

JC, any news on the alliance mission rewards not updating? i contacted support but they dont seem to know what i am talking about.

it’s a known issue, they should… I know that once it triggers they can’t fix until the next week

The first question support ask is how much DNA you used so to save time include how much Phorusaura DNA you have and how many fuses it took you to get it in your initial email - I had to guesstimate as I couldn’t remember - between 5 and 8.

I’ve sent an email and yet to receive a response.

here are my top suggestions on how to get a faster response (keep in mind there are delays and the email received bot was not sending msgs yesterday)

Has anyone leveled this one up and used it?