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Phorusrhacos dodges damage but not stun

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Bug Description: if creature dodges it dodges the damage but not the stun

Area is was found in:
Tournament Arena
How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- sidestep
Step 2 - opponent does his priority stun, greater stunning rampage or any other stun
Step 3- damage is dodged but bird is stunned
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:
Not all the time, last night 4 times
What type of device are you using: iOS latest version IPhone XR

I believe it’s supposed to work like that, you’ll dodge the damage of the skill, but any effect still hits you, so if it was distraction instead of stun, the damage would be dodged but the distraction would land. I believe it’s like this for every dodge skill, except Cloak, since the only 2 dinosaurs with Cloak is Erlidomimus & Indominus Rex who are also immune. (At least I think those are the only 2 cloakers I’m not sure).

Its like that for any dodge with the exception of those that are immune.

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Hm, could be but it’s weird because if I dodge a punch I won’t go KO :wink:

Well, the bird isn’t immune and dodges doge direct damage, so it’s not a glitch

Okay but still it’s weird because the dodge isn’t defined to just damage. It just says dodge. Well if I dodge impact I can’t get hit by it. Would be the same if DoT, while in invincibility, would start bleeding but not doing the damage. But you’re probably right and I only noticed it because I usually never use dodging creatures that aren’t immune.

Yep. The Bleeding skill damage is negated by the invincibility shield, but the DoT damage still goes through, same with dodge.

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