Phorusrhocos Fused with Marsupial Lion to Make

The Mythical Griffin!!!

100% Swap in Dodge
1X counter attack
2X damage Raking Claws
Side Step Prowel (increases speed + Increase critical chance hit)
Rending Takedown 0.5% of targets hit points.


That’d be awesome :star_struck:

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Awesome, yes. Mixing (semi)science with myth, not a big fan. I guess this is more of a harry potter kinda creature :slight_smile:

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very good idea! … only he will not be able to fly, although it could be solved with pterosaur DNA.

Looks like the gryphon from one of the Heroes Might & Magic series !

Well, except for the big wings, everything else could be done and look like a jwa hybrid imo.

dont make cyclops and stuff. just a griffen

Would be great to see.