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Photos on new levels

Am really liking the addition of free photos when you upgrade your relationship level. A really good reward.

Not a fan of the locked off reactions, since they don’t really seem to have a point besides costing money. They don’t increase your level faster, nor do they seem that different from the free answer.

But big ask, but I’d love to have an avatar making option, so we can have a proper profile pic. Potentially even a mini game that lets up take selfies with the avatar to send. Would be very cool.

Final thought, the sprites for going on dates need improvement, especially the male ones. They stand in this awful blocky way and it looks really unnatural. Even if the poses don’t change with the eexpressions, I think it would make the dates more enjoyable.

In general, I’m really loving the game. The stories are interesting and the variety of characters has been awesome. Keep it up team. You’re doing great


I dont play that game…