Phourex small nerf

The only thing I would do to this creature would lower its attack stat just be a little bit to lower the damage of lethal rampage and run. That’s all I would do however to change this possibly make it have the delay of lethal to 1

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I don’t think it really needs any changes at this time. It’s strong, yes, but not unbeatable. You can’t just run it blindly into any team you like and get away with it like you can Skoona or, previously, Testa.

Your suggestion would honestly be a huge buff for it unless the attack nerf was pretty substantial. Being able to go straight from CCR to LR&R without a turn between would be pretty huge–it’s what essentially made Phorusaura so frustrating to fight back in the day, and that was without all the bells and whistles that Phorurex gets.