Pick your dream team.... (Photoshopped Images)


Since the recent update and post in regards to spoofing/cheating/etc. there has been more and more negative comments on this forum. I figured why not have a place where you can post your dream team.

Feel free to have a little photoshop fun & build your team.


  1. You can only have a total of 8 dinosaurs on your team
  2. You can only have 1 of the same dinosaur, please no doubles/triples/etc.
  3. Have fun with your posts and keep the comments positive.
  4. Have fun

Here is my team and of course I left a little room for it to grow :wink::smiley:


You did not find the other 2x Uniques in Ranking, right? Otherwise you would have probably used 7x Unique there. But they are hard to get for sure.


I stole those images from a few of the all time top players as I only have the Utasinoraptor and Monostegotops unlocked but at level 17