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Picture double charged?

Okay so I emailed Ludia about this last week and they reached out on Friday about how they would pass the issue on to the appropriate team. It’s been 3 days now and I know they’re busy, but I’ve seen stuff from people who have heard back from them rather quickly. Anyone else have experience with their help? How long did they take to reach back out?

When Calum was still active for me, I unlocked all of his photos. When his last one came up, the game started glitching and pretty much froze on me. I tapped to pay the 300 gems for his last photo and it wasn’t going, so I just kept tapping until the purchase went through. When I looked, I realized they took twice the amount of gems. After I unlocked the photo, we leveled up and the screen for the “gift” showed up and it stayed frozen on there no matter how many times I tapped. I had to force close out of the game and got back in the conversation fine, but the extra 300 gems were still gone, along with the ability to react to his new photo. I thought force closing would maybe help the gems come back somehow but I figured it wouldn’t work that way. Either way, I’m still missing those 300 gems and even though I’ve purchased some and collected some since, I’d still like the 300 back that were pretty much spent for no reason.

So, has anyone else experienced this double charge? And how soon did Ludia respond? They responded pretty quickly to my initial email, but now that it’s been a few days, I’m concerned they won’t pick up my issue. I figured the weekends were off for them, so I waited an extra day. I’d just like to hear back from anyone at this point, whether it be someone who has experienced this or someone who works for support in Ludia. I figured posting here would get someone’s attention.

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy post! Just don’t want to lose out on some good gems!

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I don’t have experience with being double charged, so I’m sorry I can’t be of help there. When I did need to reach out to them, it took 8 days for a response. They were really great when they did, but yeah. I hope they get back to you soon! And, if not, maybe a follow-up email to see if they can give you an update? Again, sorry I’m not a big help on this one. Maybe others here will have more insight :blush:

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Hey! Thank you so much for answering! It makes me feel a lot better knowing it took a while for them to respond. Now I know they didn’t just forget or anything.

You were more helpful than you know! You e definitely put me at ease! Thank you!

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Oh, I’m glad! Happy to help :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:! Again, hopefully it doesn’t take that long for you to get a resolution!

Hey there, IAmNotNicole. I’m sorry if our team had left you hanging after their initial message. As our team has been receiving an influx of tickets, it could take a few days for them to respond after they have confirmed your reply.

In the meantime, we recommend not updating your message/ticket before our team replies as that could reset your position in their queue.

Thank you for your patience!

I had came across the same bug. I lost 2.5k gems because I kept tapping.

The support team refunded all my lost gems but it took a few days for them to sort it.

I think it depends how many support tickets they have at that time and where you are in the queue.

I had the same issue with the latest Sam Knight update. Got double charged the gems when the game glitched. Chat support was fairly efficient and got it sorted out within a few days.