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Piercing bite

This may sound silly, but i don’t get how “Piercing Bite” works and therefore i treat it as a throw away MOD. It says it does 40 per cent of the attack stat even if it’s blocked, but what if the opponent blocks for more? Or what happens if you attack for more than one? And how useful is it anyway?


It only works if your attack points are <= his block points.
For me it’s the most useless mod there is.


And it’s always 40 per cent of one attack point?

I can’t help you here. I do not know because I pay no attention to this mod.

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Yes. And it ONLY works if all of your attack points are blocked. If one attack point goes through, no piercing bite. As my lead off creature is a sacrificial lamb, I use piercing bite as my lead off mod on most battles.


Same. It’s definitely the most worthless mod there is but sometimes if the opponent still doesn’t attack after I’ve got my 4 reserve, I’ll use some of the remaining on an attack, which he usually blocks… so there is a small chance that the piercing bite will at least do something. It’s such a small amount though, that it’s pretty pointless, it SHOULD give a percentage of the entire attack that was blocked. The difference between a rare mod like this and the new super rare ones that are WAY over-powered, is just ridiculous. It speaks to how poorly implemented the mods were, whether done on purpose or not.

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Of course this is the rare mod that I land on the most on spins :triumph:


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Just figured out what the “10 characters” on your posts are for. LOL


Agreed. Bind, bleed, splinter, and piercing bite don’t fit very well with my play style. Inspire is amazing, especially stacked.

Splinter could definitely work into my playstyle if I could easily (and cheaply) get bunches of it


Piercing bite is good for a support MOD. I generally put it on my second creature and when I use it I do one attack only so I either get one full attack or 40% of one attack. I then throw the other points into reserve or block depending on the strategy I am running for that match. It is for sure one of the more worthless MODs but it is great at allowing other actions for developing reserve points. This also keeps the AI guessing at what you are doing.

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I used piercing bite tonight, and my attack got blocked, but delivered zero damage to opponent. Either we’ve all misunderstood it, or this piercing bite only pierces and bites the user. I’m a sucker for you. :pleading_face:

It only has affect if he blocks all your attack points, but I suppose you already know that.

When you get Piercing Bite at the MOD prize wheel than you can only think ''wasted resources!!!"

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Slept over it, woke up, and I believe it was my own error. It must’ve been that one Alpha MOD that I used. They’re all red, and I assumed they were all Piercing Bites. But I doubt I’d try the modded pve again.

My go to for MOD PvP is Beserk, Endurance, Alpha or Distraction, Piercing Bite, Alpha. Just depends on which MODs I need to use up. I think I win probably 90+% of the time.


I almost always use Alpha, either 2nd or 3rd. Cheaper and at least beneficial somewhat. Most favorite of all has got to be Inspire. Actually, I faced Bleed a few days ago, and got hit. Even though the opponent carrying the Bleed card was already down, the bleeding continued for 2 more turns. I got 30 Bleeds, so might be interesting to see how I can adopt a guerilla style strategy. Supposedly, you can swap out and re-hit another dino to the same effect,

Update: Used Distraction-Piercing Bite-Alpha twice, and won both fights.
Won 30 dB and 50 velociraptor SDNA, so, sorta makes up for yesterday’s frustrations.
First fight, opponent held 2x Piercing Bites + 1x Vitality.
But apparently, monotonous use (dumping) of worthless MODs like the piercing bite are ultra-ineffective.
Still got 180+ of them. Sigh. :roll_eyes:

Another update: Again used same MOD combo twice, again won both fights.
Prizes were great: an SDNA pack, then 30 sarcocuchus SDNA.
I’m wondering if prize quality correlates with ferocity of team used.
Not referring to mere classifications of elite or advanced or novice.
Last battle, I sent out 30 woolly mammoth, 30 Gastornis and 23 Hyanadon.
Previous battle was 40 hybrid, 30 hybrid and 20 superhybrid.
Or maybe it was just chance or sheer luck.
Perhaps another analytical project for you, Chris.

I haven’t noticed any variability of prizes other than the various wheel levels, once you get to Elite I don’t think it matters if you bring 3 level 20 VIP/ tournament creature or if you bring 3 Indoraptors. The wheel and chances are the same.


OK, noted. Again, thanks for the battle tips. I got quite a few Intimidation MODs too, so now I’ve found a useful outlet for them. Sadly, the Piercing Bite is still very much a throwaway MOD. No wonder I couldn’t find anyone who’s experienced how it actually works!