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Pikel Damage not the same after update

Before the update My Pikel was dealing something like 980 dmg at the top end. And now with gear levels change in the update his top end is 814. Seems like all his weapons got a 10% dmg nerf or something didn’t transition over right. I’m hoping this was just a mistake that can be corrected Now that it’s been reported and not a stealth nerf that isn’t in the patch notes. As sturdy archetype he already doesn’t have much damage and all his healing abilities go off his damage so not only is it a dps nerf but it’s also a nerf to his overall utility…

Has anyone else noticed their Pikel Damage numbers are lower than they were before update???

Wait I think I found the cause:

  • The basic statistics for Nayeli, Jarlaxle, Joppa, and Pikel accidentally duplicated Calliope’s base statistics. Now each hero has the correct range of ability scores.

This is not cool. How could you guys at Ludia not realize this… Nayelli has been out for how long??? Pikel def got a substantial damage nerf because of the new correct ability scores guess I will have to investigate closer to see if he got a health buff or if any of the other stats that may have been increased give him any benefit. With healing all going off damage numbers this damage rebalance is really detrimental to him being effective…

Sooo if Nayelli used to only have a 12 Str the same as Calli and now has 18 how is her attack the exact same as at 12 str. And it looks like her Silverhand is actually doing less attack than it was with her at 12 str. Pre update her SH at level 2 gave my Nayelli 408 attack and after is now only 392. Very Suspect if her base ability score got raised 6 points to 18. Pikel losing 2 points in str resulted in over 100 dmg lost. And Nayelli getting 6 new points in strength has No increase in Damage or attack? Please investigate this and would appreciate some screen shot comparisons of all 4 of the affected hero’s that shows benefits and negatives of how the new adjusted ability scores Impact them.

Since ability scores really impact stats I wish Ludia would consider the DND mechanic of at level up milestones allowing us an ability point to allocate into a stat of our choosing… in D&D every 5 levels you get an ability point to allocate however you choose. Not saying this has to be the model. Maybe after we hit level 20 every 2 levels we could get an ability point to help incentivize the grind and gold cost of epic levels.