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Pikel regen

Pikel’s common helm regen is not stacking with warrior taunt regen.

Also, the character is badly thought out for normal content. His legendary helm works for 4 turns, nothing for 5 as it has 9 turn cool down.

His epic regen is 2 turns then nothing for 3 due to 5 turn cool down. This limits his ability to level and be taken on the team as the healer.

Please review this and also how to gain experience as the xp spellbooks are far too low max.capacity. This means you do not sell new characters. Please implement bonus experience at 300% until within 2 levels of your main party. Also, let us win and stack xp options which we can use to power level new chars - then we will want to buy them.

I think you made it worse. Now instead of taunt regen plus pikel regen Tommus is getting ZERO regen.

Hello, Chris_Gray. If you haven’t already, kindly reach out and provide your support key to our support team at so they can take a closer look at this. Thank you.

Hello Ronald. Why do I need to email? You have a bug forum and visitors posts on facebook - am I paying £10 a month for you to ignore them? It seems so…

Sorry, what I meant was to contact support regarding Pikel’s stacking regen. As for the rest that you mentioned, I’ve let the team know about it. Thank you.