Pikel’s Pants

Am I missing something here?
Pikel’s COMMON pants at lvl 14 give 75% proc for an extra action and +25%AC.

Pikel’s LEGENDARY pants at lvl 14 give a 50% proc rate for an extra action. And that’s it.

Even going one level higher only shows 75% proc and nothing else. Is there something at lvl 16 that makes his Legendary pants worth using? Or is it just a useless Legendary?


Pretty sure it’s one of those cases that the legendary is completely useless or worse unless it’s actually level 16, and even then, there’s barely any benefit. Shevarith’s rare pants maxed give 75% ready all abilities, where her legendary is 80%. The cost and effort required for minimal gain is hilarious. Same with Calliope’s Bonnie (or even worse actually) where her epic heals everyone for 200% but the legendary at max level heals 1 person and 2 random others for 150%. I can only assume his pants may turn into a 100% move at level 4, but it’s just another joke of a legendary without any proper balance that you can ignore.


Ludia’s just trying to make sure you’re paying attention…

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“Ludia’s just trying to make sure you’re paying money…”

There, fixed it for ya.