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Pikel's autodominate all gamebreaker

Who came up with this BS ability? Even lasts for two rnds, hilarious. Bard’s Dominate is totally inferior compared to that. Nowadays it also fails more often than not.


That and it should be changed so that he can only Dominate one character at a time. Being able to auto Dominate anyone who hits him gets out of hand when someone shoves him on the front line and hides behind him. I’ve had 3 people dominated at the same time in one match.


Dominate when hit Trinket is Glorious. They already nerfed his damage and as a result his ability to heal. Don’t nerf his utility from the trinket too. Most the time for some reason with Pikels dominate all it does is make the dominated opponent move up which would be cool if it got looked into. Getting a dominate to stick through heroic resistance and hit someone that doesn’t have restore gear feels bad if all they do is move up and not attack. Since it’s not Pikels choice of who he gets to try and dominate it often just results in getting restored.
I suspect that once the ppl that have him get his legendary trinket up to where it restores all Allies you won’t see dominate trinket as often anyways.
And with the recent changes to dominate all but 2 of his weapons are useless with the trinket. Any of the AoE procs don’t do damage to any dominated opponent. If they do much more to Re Balance him he won’t be usable at all…

As I do not have the Pikel and have not encountered him often in my limited PvP play, I was unaware this trinket was an issue until this I was informed WotC has fielded numerous complaints about this trinket. It seems the developer may be ignoring these complaints.

I am curious if this trinket is really capable of dominating an opponents entire party for two rounds? If so, I can see how this might be tad overpowered.

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Surprised no one has flagged the abbreviated profanity in the 1st post with how easy it is to get moderated on this forum. Smh (shake my head to clarify) :rofl:

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I would have likely been suspended for a week already had it been my post, :crazy_face:

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Inb4 inc. Moderation for derailing thread

Yeah the Pikel dominate is completely broken, worst thing in the game tbh

Use restore gear. Pikel himself even has a counter for it with his legendary Belt? It’s mid tier (old level 2) is Regenerate +Immunity to Injure and Dominate for 4 turns to all allies A few other hero’s Have Dominate immunity. Joppa and Jarlaxle. And tons have restore gear options that at a certain point are Mandatory in PvP anyways.

Isn’t that the issue, though? Don’t offer me multiple pieces of gear when I, in reality must use a particular load out… all the toons look the same and play the same.

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The reality of PvP is Debuffs are so back breaking and prevalent that at a certain point you have to use Restore gear or Immunity gear on as many toons as it’s available on. It’s unfortunate but we can either make the adjustments or we can continue suffer the effects of not using restore gear as a play style choice.

I see it as a trade off.

Saarvin for example. If he’s using his rare quiver, he’s not using his any of his other three which would increase his dps, especially when there’s a taunting tank. His -ac has less of an impact if only good for one round. On the other hand, if he’s not using that, which I don’t, the opposing player loading up on debuffs comes out on the weaker end. Same goes for Farideh, epic vs. common book. There are other examples.

I realize of course that there are those who use some items as must haves, like the rare quiver and epic book in these examples, but that’s “the” best load out only if someone believes so. If they buy into cookie cutter builds, that’s their prerogative of course.