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Pikels deathward not available when disarmed

Recently when Pikel gets Disarmed his deathward ability that is NOT an attack is not available to use. This is a new bug. Have played him a ton over the last 3 months and this didn’t ever used to happen please fix. It isn’t an attack shouldn’t be unavailable if disarmed…

Ever since I got his rings to 13 they’ve been disarm-able. Deathward is also a 2-zone ability that only reaches 1 zone ahead. His DW is bugged pretty bad.

Hmmm I did just recently get his common ring up to 13. You must be right about that being the cause. Punished for upgrading is rough but I guess it’s a staple of this game… hope it gets fixed.

Still not working when disarmed. And no boiler plate cut and paste response that the team is aware… please fix.

Love how 2 of the other bugs I posted last night got the cut and paste response that feedback is being forwarded this morning while this one that seems like a relatively simple fix got ignored. Posting to keep this at the top of feed and alive.

You have been around long enough to know that ludia will never fix there broken dumpster fire of a game

Still causing the rare loss in PvE. Still wondering if anyone on the support team might notice this. Guess we’ll just keep bumping it and see how many licks it takes to get to the center of this tootsiepop.

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Please fix deathward not being an available ability while disarmed. Bump…

Hey everyone, my apologies for the delay! Confirming that this is indeed on our team’s radar and they’re looking into it. :mag:

Thank you again for your patience!