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Pikels epic helm

I have tested the epic helm out and it is supposed to target all allies and cast regenerate, however from what I can see it doesn’t. It only grants targets in one zone regenerate. Bug?

Hey Gaxia, I believe it’s only supposed to target 1 Zone (1 Row).

Then I must be reading it wrong…
As of now the epic and common helm work EXACTLY the same in game. So why is it worded like it is if it is intended?

Epic one targets all allies inside a range of 3 zones from him, while the common one targets all allies inside the target zone and can be cast 2 zones away from Pikel at max. That’s the difference. Think about Farideh’s shatter targeting method vs ac debuff targeting method.

It targets all, but only give regenerate to the zone in which you click. Thus working like the common one. What is the point of targeting all allies if not all will be effected?

Compare this to Halbenets necklace. The wording is the same - the effect is not.

If it’s working as you are saying then yes, it’s a bug.