Pikel's Next Recruitment Event

The December 30, 2021 Pikel recruitment event has been canceled due to an in-game issue.

When I asked game support they said there would be events to recruit Pikel in the future.

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been following the Warriors of Waterdeep event wall on facebook and so far nothing to promote a new Pikel recruitment event.

Pikel’s last recruiting event before that canceled was on September 21, 2020 according to WoW’s own wall (which I had the patience to look up and confirm).

When will this “future” be that support answered me?

future as in: “we are solving the problem as soon as possible and there will be a new recruitment event this month or next”?

or future like: “we don’t care about you players and if the event was canceled it’s your problem, wait until the next Pikel recruitment event in 2023”?

It’s the second one.

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Total speculation on my part: My guess is that someone on Ludia’s finance team caught wind of the event and put the breaks on it. I imagine that he generates real revenue when he comes up for sale every few months for $30. Giving him away only diminishes an already dwindling revenue stream.

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I should have added that I hope to be proven wrong.