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Pikel's rare ring not giving its bonus properly

Title says all. While taking Pikel to some HC runs I could notice some of these runs where the ring wasn’t granting the bonus it was supposed to be given to him. It wasn’t being displayed at both hero’s head and hero details (the pop-up that appears when you hold your finger at the hero). It is an important item for runs as it gives that necessary boost for heals cast by him, so please, can you take a look into this? Thanks in advance.

Hi, @Wolvierine. Are you referring to Pikel’s Rings of Copper(Rare) or did you mean Rings of Garden Gold(Legendary)? The rare ring calls out lightning and the legendary one heals. I want to make sure we’re talking about the same item. :slight_smile:

I mean the wondrous item (ring icon, not ring illustration) Good luck stone (sorry, I play in pt-br, don’t know the exact name in English), rare one, the one that boosts damage. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Thank you for clarifying! As far as I know, the damage increase is triggered when Pikel attacks, although I’m not sure if it lasts longer than one attack. Could you provide a screenshot of the item description? We want to make sure that the pt-br description matches the English version.


Thanks for responding! There’s no mention for how long the increase damage lasts so it may be valid for that one attack that triggered it, which is why the buff wasn’t displayed as an icon or in the hero details. However, I’ve notified the team about this and they’re looking into it.

We have other items that works the same way as this one is described, like Halbenet’s and Shevarith’s rares for the same slot. Both effects are continuous, not granted on attack only. If this item works the way you speak it kills half of its purpose imho.

Please, let us know about any news about it. Thanks in advance.

I’d like to correct myself when I mentioned that the ability is triggered by Pikel’s attack. It’s actually a continuous effect and since it’s a wondrous item, there aren’t any visual cues associated with it. The DMG boost can be seen if you view the hero details by tap+holding the character, which didn’t happen in your case. Rest assured that the team is looking into this. Thank you!