Pinch me because I must be dreaming

So the forum has a tendency to be a place where we rag on the game, RNG and occasionally each other … I thought I’d start the day (it’s AM here) on a positive note:

With the introduction of alliances, I think we’ve seen a huge change in the dynamic in which we play. The occasional names I’d see on the forum have actually become friends and helped me make my team stronger and even create new creatures I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. It really opens of all sorts of possibilities and I just wanted to show a little appreciation

thanks for this guys/gals:

With a direct thanks to you guys for the donations:
@ResearchGirl @MementoMori , @Jonus @Bart_Le , @Carl_Brown, @guarou, and guilded Pegasus / (@wrothgar)

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Wow thats amazing!!! I showed gp as well, he freaked out haha. Grats from us, thats great buddy!!!