Pink dodo


Um what…


Pink dodo lookin thing, what in the world?!


Pocomon infiltration? Haha


Yeah I don’t know to be honest with you I’m baffled :open_mouth:


Huh, that’s kind of neat and weird all at the same time…it’s the “Death Dodo” boss from the Jurassic World: The Game app. Except it’s pink, and it shouldn’t be in JW Alive. Hopefully that gets fixed for you soon!


Looks maybe like a place holder while the real skins load in? Depends on your connection and all, is this for every Dino you see or just certain ones? You can see it’s not listed as a Dodo


Everything, both event and regular dinosaurs are showing as pink dodos, probably an up coming dinosaur at some stage in the future.


@Katja I restarted after I realised that my drone couldn’t be launched at the Dino’s and it was fixed when I fired it back up. Thought I was hacked at first, honestly it was so dodgy looking around to see straight fluorescent pink dodos everywhere…


Yeah sounds like some type of poor load in, so the game just replaced the skins with those


That’s gotta be the greatest place holder I’ve ever seen XD. Imagine if they do something like that for April Fools, lol!