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Pink Screen - Timed Out - Exploit

I don’t care what anyone says, this is NOT A GLITCH, this is clearly an EXPLOIT.

I started a battle with Hadros Lux against a Suchotator. I used Rampage as they used bleed, then I used emergency heal to bring my health back to full as they used nullify, upon Lux’s counter Sucho was dead with Hadros plenty of health.

Then instantly my screen went pink and said battle timed out.

Upon trying to go back into battle I get the first screen that comes up with 30 second timer… it counted down to 25 seconds then the number disappeared, a few seconds later the number returned back at 30.

Counted down to 25, disappeared, few seconds later returned to 30.

It did it another time, so I click cancel.

Oh what a surprise! I lost 40 trophies.

I’ve seen so many people report this happening and strangely enough it occurs when the person that suffers the pink screen is winning… odd don’t you think?

I am sending in a ticket about this, but I am doing it as I have the name and # of the opponent.

I honestly hope Ludia will actually investigate this and the person involved. @Ned @E.D @Eugene

The irony in this post goes to eleven

the irony Xd, Is just a bug, do not worry

This happened to me many times as well. It’s no coincidence for sure. Something fishy is going on.

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Maybe having VIP+ adds a ‘Pink screen opponent’ :skull_and_crossbones: move? That’s not fair. :rage: If some people can Pink Screen others then we should all be allowed to Pink Screen people!

1st rule of Pink Screen button: there is no Pink Screen button.

@GPx But seriously, try playing while your phone is on an ice pack. I know it sounds stupid but the graphics from the PVP matches really overheat my phone and increase chances of glitches. The ice pack seems to help when it starts up.

I’ve had this happen a few times to me, it only started recently and only when something advantageous happened for me and then I get timed out and I lose. Goodbye 30-40 trophies

Yeah! Punish those people! Whether the person is lucky or really exploiting the bug, both deserves punishment :triumph:

I’ve had this Pink Shreen incident happen before, once it reduced my trophies and one other time it increased them. However this was usually quite rare…

This is one of those things that could very well be an exploit and we would likely never know unless someone who was triggering it came forward.

Ddos attacks are common enough most competitive games offer atleast some form of ddos protection. So that’s a very real possibility unfortunately This game is so buggy I have zero faith Ludia would be able to tell if it’s a bug, their app, or their servers that can’t even handle chat right.

For anyone who doubts the likely hood of this being an exploit you need to look at Ludia who constantly adds exploitable features into this game. Rex scents, apex dna exploits, the event Dino’s unlimited attempts, and the rampant spoofing that went on for much of the first year of the game. Their not exactly a company that’s on top of things.

Now some might argue the motivation and All I have to say is their are people out their that pay 150$ Per Month. To have an aimbot in a game that likely costs 50 or less. So in a game where some people have invested 1000s of dollars and hundreds of hours it’s quite likely there are others looking to not have to invest so much resources to get an edge.

Of course it could also just be Ludias shoddy coding. But I would never just rule out an exploit.


This still hasn’t been fixed. I also get it occasionally.

People can shrug this off as a bug, Ludia already have as their support was the general it is worked on, but they completely ignored the player ID I provided them.

People can point out irony all day long and suggest it is my phone overheating, but I know it is not my phone. It was not hot, i’d not been playing for hours.

We’ve all seen time out messages before, and when they “genuinely” happen it is a clean “time out” message. When it is forced unexpectedly this would probably explain the odd pink mess that appears.

When I tried to go back in the timer when finding a match kept disappearing at 25 seconds then returning to 30 seconds multiple times. This is a particular bug i’ve not experienced before and what did it achieve? That’s right preventing me from returning to the battle.

@Evicton is right, it could be Ludia’s shoddy coding, they certainly can’t be ruled out, but there has been a lot exploited in this game and there are plenty of people out there that do exploit games. This to me does not look like shoddy coding that caused it, what is probably the case is that Ludia’s shoddy coding is being exploited by people.

I know nothing will be done about this by Ludia, the proof is already there when other people have reported it. But i’d rather stand up and make this claim than respond here pointing out some lame irony claim.


Very true. Good points.