Pink screen

It happened to me a couple of months ago and it happened to me again today. Pink screen showed up suddenly when i was winning a battle. I’m not surre if i lost trophies, but i spent 5 minutes trying to find another pvp battle. I don’t feel welcome in this game anymore. Bugs, hackers, toxic players, no responsiveness about players’ complaints over the boost reshuffle.

Bugs are there. Try to live with it.
Hackers? Where?
Toxic players is not something Ludia can fix.
The boost reshuffle has been addressed and all you can do is accept the way it is.

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I disagree, bugs, toxic players can be wiped out through a consistent work. The company’s approachment to a well known problem can be contested. This is part of democracy.

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Send a bug report if you have a pink screen. Complaining about other things only leads to more toxicity.


Censoring people about expressing their feelings leads to toxicity.

I’m sorry to hear that the game does not feel welcoming to you anymore, Haroldo_Tani, and I understand the frustrations caused by the concerns you’ve mentioned. :sweat:

Although I can’t really say when some of the lingering issues in the game will be fixed, I know that our team is working hard to try and address them as best they can. Our team actively monitors the game for spoofers/cheaters as well.

As for the elephant in the room, Boosts Reshuffle. :elephant:
Although this might not be the Boosts Reshuffle that players have expected. I believe our team is trying/working towards introducing new methods of returning Stat Boosts to players, such as the Reset Tokens.

Regarding the pink screen issue, could you please send your device information and support key to our team at It’d help our team take a closer look at things from their end.

Thank you!


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False information leads to toxicity. No one is censoring you.