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Pitty AI Turned Mean, Nasty, Rotten and Cruel

So I’m just above the 3000 mark in Sorna Marshes and got what I thought was going to be the “Pitty AI” and it came with a boosted terror bird Phorus, boosted Delta, boosted Suchotator and boosted Monolophosaurus. It beat my rear end.

I switched out one of my team to my own Phorus that I bumped up to 17 and did the next AI by way of my Phorus instant rampage and rampage and run, getting my next dino overpowered to bring Phorus back to instant rampage to finish and rampage and run on the next one. I ended up using my own terror bird to take out all three of the AI’s team. Those AI teams are playing a lot smarter now.

I guess after the next two real person defeats, I will put together an all level 21 unique team to do the AI’s and then go back to lesser teams for the regular PvP. On the other hand, if I just want to get take downs for DBI’s or 12 battles in, maybe I should just lose to them repeatedly since I don’t lose anything. But I want incubators so I play to defeat those.

I hope for newer people’s sake, the lower arenas are a little nicer.

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I shuddered whenever I had to fight AI even before the new boost style. The freaking Maxima that the AI pulls tends to mop the floor with all I got.

My AI loves to bring Nemys for some reason.

I just got the AI again after I beat it. I was expecting a real person to play and it was level 21 and 22’s.

I’m going to put together a stronger team with unique’s. Watch me get a real person with mid teen dino’s.

I’ve always defeated that one, but if it brings Maxima and boosted too, I might as well tie a white flag to my critters.

I changed my mind and put my team back down to 16-17’s. Good thing. I got a real person and still beat them badly.