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Pity Bot


I’m glad steps were taken to reduce bot fights (especially in the brackets where the bots are overpowered), but I think the bot that stepped in after two losses served a useful purpose - dealing with people who are intentionally dropping arenas. Perhaps change it so it pops in after like four losses, but with it removed, it significantly increases the number of bad fights humans are going to get. It used to be that if a person was dropping like 50 fights worth of trophies, there’d be two human fights and 48 bot fights, and the bot isn’t going to be sad its opponent isn’t actually fighting back. Now all 50 are against humans. I’m sure some people are happy having free wins, but I think this will reduce the overall quality of arena fights and worsen the experience. Just my two cents.


why would you want to drop arenas now?


There’s still arena exclusive rewards, like Stygimoloch.


But you get 100% stygimoloch from 8h incubators. They added an extra reward to all arena incubators and made exclusives only in that slot

Have to be complete idiot drop arenas at this point


Echo got added as a reward right after I got out of the following arena. I would love to get some more Echo DNA without paying even if she has lost immunity.


Echo spawns in the wild


Oh is that how it works? That was unclear from the patch notes, I assumed the arena exclusive rewards would be more… arena exclusive.