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Pixel shift for OLED phones


My own fault for playing too much, but I have severe burn in on my oled screen of the map buttons at the bottom of the screen & the level & alliance circles in the top corners of the screen.

A future update that incorporated pixel shift could stop this happening to other people.

Anyone else have any burn in issues?

Here is a pic of what I mean. You can see the map circle when I’m on almost any screen

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What phone?
How many hours per day for how many days did you play before burn-in occurred?

The rest of us with OLEDs might want to know more details! I have an OLED phone (iPhone XS) and have been worried about this. Looks like you have an Android but not sure how much different the screens are.


Oh my goodness I just noticed I have it too! Zero idea how long it’s been there, but I’ll never unsee it now! I can also see the “collect” button on the free incubator on the bottom left and the battle incubator on the bottom right. That’s nuts! No idea when it happened but I’ve been playing since just before launch on a Samsung S8+.


I can see it faintly on my S7.

One solution is to use something other than white for the surround and emblem in the icon that indicates the part of the client we are currently looking at. The light blue will work just as well as the size gives away what we have selected.


I’m using a oneplus 6. Been playing since launch week & have the game open whenever I’m commuting, or a passenger anywhere, so it’s a fair amount of hours. Thing is, by implementing pixel shift into the game, it wouldn’t happen to anyone.


Don’t worry when u start playing other game this will get replaced by that game buttons over a period of time. I have seen 4 till now on my phone


Lol this a joke right? I don’t see anything on mine. Samsung S8+. I severely messed up my screen but that’s irrelevant to the game.


haha, nope, it’s not a joke. I just realized i faintly have the same thing on my Pixel 2XL. Same use as OP as well been using it since launch and play many hours a day.