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Tonight I have a good chance of accumulating the raptor DNA I need to fuse my indoraptor, but that will only occur if I roll anything but a 10.

I know I’ve seen some of you be only 1 DNA away from creating/leveling, and I feel your pain. If I get a 10 I will only be 2 away, but that two translates to so much more Raptor and even rarer TRex DNA to acquire.

So, what do you think it will be?:

  • 10 - keep on farming buddy
  • 20-40 - you can do it!
  • 50+ - think positively!

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Sorry but I had to go for 10… after all it is halloween time! :ghost:



But your new Dino won’t be picked to battle for days…



I say 30. Wish you luck!

Moment of truth…

I would now like to express myself with a series of gifs…


Ouch, right in the feels

When they say your chances of fusing more than a 10 are one in a hundred million …



Noooo!! Was hoping to see you pull it off. I know the “anything but a 10” feeling. There’s always next time :+1:

At least I know 100% that next time I have it.

I have 25 TRex DNA, and 10 Indominus. If I get 125 on my next TRex encounter (which is high for me on a TRex) I will have 3 fuses, and if one of those three is not a 10 then I’ve got my 50 Indominus. I’d say I see at least 10 raptors for every TRex, so there really shouldn’t be much of a grind.

I think I’m good. Emotionally. I can tough it out a little longer.

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Oh no I feel so sorry for you. :disappointed_relieved:

… but after all, never give up!!

oh man… is it bad that i laughed a little😂?? im sorry and you should be excited that your next fuse will definitely unlock it.

I’ve hit 10 consecutive 10s on my Indoraptor fuses, so I’m going with “10 keep on farming”. Wishing you all the best, though!

ughhh I so wish I could donate some Rex DNA to you. That’s rough. I voted that you’d make it! I made mine last night. I started at 120 from my previous five Indo fuses, and had enough Indom and raptor DNA to do six more. After five fuses I had 210 Indo DNA. I was telling myself there was absolutely no way I was getting 40 on the last fuse, but whatever I planned six fuses I’m doing it. I was like devastated I wasn’t getting Indo. And I got exactly 40 and was able to create it. I have like 2500 Rex DNA and I’d totally donate 500 of it to you if I could just to ensure you’d get it! Keep at it!

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Keep moving forward. Just wait,collect and enjoy to fuse that dino.:hugs:

Already saw my first Rex today. Put me at just over 100 dna, so I’ll get two fuses, only had enough raptor dna to immediately fuse once. My indominus is now at 30. Slowly but surely I’ll get there.

To be honest it hasn’t felt like it’s taken me very long to get here since I started fusing for it. This last stretch is going to feel the longest now that it’s so close.

Well, that didn’t take as long as I thought…

Saw two TRexes today, fused two times, got a 20 and a 30! And with Rex DNA to spare!

Now back out tonight to hunt more raptors. Gonna be a stinky night with all the scent capsules I’ll use.

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Happy hunting, hope it all goes your way tonight.

I’ve heard a couple of y’all mention using scent capsules to get lots of raptor DNA. I’ll be needing tons of the stuff to start on my indo soon, how much will capsules help, and y’all have any pro tips for using them? I’ll start using any capsules I get at night or pre-dawn to see.

Keep us posted if you get your Indo! Use the Halloween scent from the strike tower. I got 2260 raptor DNA from the one scent!

I used the Halloween scent, a large common scent, a small common, and a rare scent. As I was walking toward a raptor that had naturally spawned, which was the last one that would put me over 2000, two more from the rare scent capsule spawned on me.

I didn’t even wait to get home to fuse it:

Of course I got the 20 I needed yesterday.

Say hello, world.

Now that’s one unique under my belt. Who’s next?

@MementoMori definitely use scent capsules at night while walking. If you’re still only one creature will spawn, but while in motion you’re likely to get two. I wouldn’t try while in a vehicle because once they’ve spawned on you, by the time you realize it, they may be behind you.