Placement event drops


Ludia must change system placement green drops. In large cities there are many, but in villages no one. The closest city , in which only 3 green drops is 15km away, and I have to drive several times a day if I want to play an event. It is a great discrimination against people who do not live in cities


I totally agree with you on this. Also, they made a terrible change in the game as those green supply drops are often used for strike events now. That means your chances to get any DNA of dinosaurs they showcase even harder to get. All nearest parks in my city have maximum 3 green supply drops and now 2 of them are changed into strike events in those parks… I really wish they would stop doing that.


Its one of things they know about and can be changed with small effort. The fact that they did nothing with things like these for months rubs me in the wrong way. I want to see improvements to the game, see that they use the feedback on the forums to improve their game and listen to the community. Fixing some of those bugs and making the game more fun for all


It actually wouldn’t be a small effort.

  1. It would serve no purpose in areas with no reception, and little purpose in areas with poor reception.

  2. They would have to evaluate how the change would impact profits, which would also impact the employees’ pay. They would be taking a financial risk with any kind of major change to the drop site system.

  1. They would have to re-code the drop sites in some way, which could potentially take months of revision depending on which changes had to be made.

  2. They would have to deal with increased possibility of location spoofing.

  3. Depending on coding and economics, it may increase memory demanded by the app (a common player complaint), or even costs to the player. Right now, the game is sort of expensive for some of what people are buying.

  4. Free play, especially regardless of location, is usually offset by ad placement. Many players will quit if they see too many ads. Other ways of covering the costs of free play may be too experimental and/or time-consuming.

I am disabled and sometimes have accessibility issues myself, but there are lots of programming and organizational reasons why changing the drop sites for people in remote areas would not necessarily be an easy change. I am sure that Ludia does not mean to discriminate against any of us, and there are easy changes which would still make the game more accessible for everyone, but most of these are associated with cost.