Placing Decoration without pressing one by one

Hi friends,

Is there a way to place the decorations that i already have (i.e. JH 280+) in an easier way ?

Currently I have to press market > find JH > place it where i want , and i have to repeat this steps numerous time that it is so time consuming!

Hope anyone has a shortcut to place them without going through the hassle :frowning:

Thank you!

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To place them you should be able to just tap the screen once you have them selected if they are already in your market.

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Yes I am able to place them, just that once i have placed the first one, the subsequent decoration will always jump randomly without a proper direction or sequence, hence I would have to move it next to the previous decorations and press the tick to move to next one.

I was thinking if Ludia would be able to make it “draggable” and able to build in a straight line direction consecutively so we don’t have to move and place the decoration one by one each…

It places it in the next available location compared to the previous placement, always heading down. So to combat this you should always start in the bottom location of where you are building or only give the direction one way to go. This forces it to follow a direction, but if you start out in an open space then yes it will “randomly” work its way down your screen in terms of placement and continue working down until it hits a wall.

As an example:

If I start here with the screen centered on this open space and go to place a decoration it places it roughly towards the middle:

And each subsequent decoration follows the closest path down the screen but still close to the previously placed decoration:

Which might not be that big a deal if you are only placing a handful, but if you are trying to maximize space it’s terrible.

But if you start with your screen not centered where there is no space to set a decoration like this:

The game will place the next decoration in the location that is closest and open like so:

Now you are set up to just place decorations as it follows the path of the wall:

when it gets to another wall it changes directions:

And you start to work up the other wall, which is the decorations you just placed:

All I am doing to place these decorations is hitting the green check mark :white_check_mark:.


Wow thank you so much for the detailed explanation !
Well at least from your explanation, now i get to know that to make sure it’s placing in order, I would need to ensure there are no “free space” rather than the one i want to place, then the building will be placed and move downwards accordingly.

This would solve my headache , but would still hope if they able to allow “drag” method type so we don’t need to keep pressing the green tick :stuck_out_tongue: