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Planet Dinosaur is Recruiting!

Hey everyone - Planet Dinosaur is looking for 3 new members!

We ask that you:

  • Are an active player
  • Complete 10 takedowns every weekend
  • Follow alliance sanctuary rules
  • Are active on our discord for community and raid participation

In exchange we offer:

  • Battle support (both raid and tournament)
  • 8/9 weekly missions
  • 7/8 alliance championships
  • Raid leaders based in both GMT and EDT/EST time zones
  • Free cash links

If you are interested in joining our fun-loving group, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We would love for you to join us!

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Hi, a friend mentioned he joined your alliance. I would also like to join. I am not familliar with discord, but I installed it. How can I join the chat server? I also requested to join the alliance in the game. Thank you.

Hi BertF - I see an officer has already accepted your request :slight_smile: welcome aboard!

Hey guys!

Myself and a few buddies joined this alliance a few days ago and really can’t recommend it highly enough.

It’s an alliance that has no major rules, is relaxed and always helps everyone who wants it with raids.

There are players from brand new to veterans and everyone is friendly making it a joy to log into the game and the discord.

So if you are looking for great weekly and monthly rewards with no stress in a great environment come and join us!

We hit 10/8 this last week with 4 members light on the full quota!

Come and join this great alliance and get the rewards you deserve!

With the Skoona tourney offering 2 more weeks with double points it’s the ideal time to join an alliance that helps you to get the best from the game!