Planning on adding some speed

I’m planning on adding a little bit more speed to my current team as I very often have to go second!

I have narrowed it down to a selection of three dinosaurs: Spinotahraptor, Utahraptor or Postisuchus.

Utah is at level 19 but ready for 20 with a fair bit of DNA left over.

Spinotah is 15 with enough DNA to prob get to very high teens.

And same case as Spinotah for Posti.

I know there are a lot of faster ones but I’m not after Velociraptor type speed, just more than I have!

Oh and I caved and added Indom back to the team lol, I was doing worse without it dispite it’s failing cloak

I wouldn’t take any of those three in your team. But of those 3 I think Spinotahraptor is best altough you should use her dna to create Spinotasuchus.

The problem is I don’t run into a lot of kapra to be able to unlock Spinotasuchus :cry:.

As you are much higher rated then me I’d be a fool to ignore your advice, what would you put in place of Suchatator?

Right now I wouldn’t replace it as it seems like it is one of the easiest dinos for you to get higher levels and coins seems to be biggest problem for you now. But if I would replace it with anyone and coins and dna wouldn’t be problem then a realistic dino to take in your team would be Monostegotops.
But monolophosaurus’ dna is better used to monomimus anyway.

Yes its true that its generally easier to get DNA for but it goes by fast since you need SOOO much of it to get each level! Plus im finding that he is a bit too slow, and his instant cripple gets cleansed off!

Tany could be another possible choice for me because I think it have like 28,000 Tany DNA right now, and while it is only at 13 or 14 I think, I could definitely get it up a few levels!
Or is Tany better to keep sidelined until its over levelled?

Where are you with Pyrritator? Speed and power.

Are you happy with your arena rank now or do you wanna progress? Good thing about Tany is that she is amazig indoraptor counter and propably easiest good nullify dino to get higher level though her to be effective it’s gonna cost alot.
In which local do you live and do you have easy access to other locals, if so which locals? Also how many hours you can play daily? These would help me to help you with your team more and think of possible dinos to help you out.

This is what I have to work with right now:

As for local it’s the one that just had Allo taken away and given Iguanodon.
The main other place I hunt in has a bunch of both Euoplocephalus if that helps.

As for play time it’s generally between school hours while my son is in class. And sometimes at night if my mother will babysit.

EDIT: Err phone doesn’t seem to want to upload the screens =/. Ill try fix it!

Save up many coins and save up many DNA. Re looking at your team what you need (apart from acess to all uniques like the rest of us) is more coins and DNA. Save up for a month! In that time you could aquire aroubd 300k coins around 500 to 1k cash and enough DNA to make a lot of changes where you see fit

What makes a team most effective is how high level they are! Not just what you have :slight_smile:

My allo level 22 1 shots many dinos on a critical hes beast


To be honest I think you have the best team given your collection. Allosinosaurus would be a good addition but needs another couple of levels to fit in (mine too!) and you are a long way off having a useable Pyrritator (shame - its a beast). Indoraptor in when created.

If speed is what you want then utasinoraptor would be possibility. Sinocerstops can be found in places where you meet euplocephalus. But if suchotator is dino you are going to replace then I suggest you to replace her with nullifying dino. Sounds like you have hands full with your family so monostegotops is definitely out of question and monolophosaurus dna is better used to only monomimus rather than both of them. So then that leaves us with Tany but upgrading her does cost alot cause she needs to be overleveled so I would definitely go with Suchotator.

Oh and my current rating is:

Sounds about right; reckon you can push on to 4200-4300 with Indoraptor which is where I am now.

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Yeah im so dying to finally get him unlocked! Ive always said that to be really successful in Ruins you need Indoraptor AND Monomimus!

Ive got Mono at level 20 so she is set, just need the Indo!

I just hate how im always dropping in and out of Ruins and back to Sorna wastelands!

I was in the same boat a few weeks back; having mono and indo makes those dips back into Sorna less frequent - happy with my team at the moment just need to up some of the levels. Should be able to level up Indoraptor to L22 within the next week or two.

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Good to hear you managed to overcome the dipping thing, and sounds like my theory about having both Indo and Invincibility emu could be right!

Im getting close now to my next Indo fuse so Id really love to not get another 10 lol. I cant go out every night hunting coz my son is only 9 and I live in not a very safe neighbourhood.

Edit: All my Indo fuses to date have been - 10 (of course lol) > 20 > 10 > 20 > 10 > 20 > 40 (lucky)!

Yeah - the Indo fuses are a pig - have had some good ones on I-Rex but mainly 10s on Indo; got my 2000 raptor DNA on the way to work this morning and got a 20 so sitting on 87/100. Wish I had some cash to buy some halloween scents but not putting more real world money in. Should be able to buy one tomorrow with supply drop cash. My Monomimus is “only” L19 as up to now I have split my Monolophosaurus DNA between it and Monostegotops which I’m going to get to L18 (L17 120/150) and then its Monomimus all the way.

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I know right that Kappa is hiding out big time. It will take me a year to level it from 10-15 so as much as I’d love Spinotasuchus it’s not really viable for me either. I’ll trade you 500 pyroraptor DNA for 1000 Irritator DNA, whaddya say? :wink:
How’d you get so much Mono DNA?

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I got a fair bit lucky with incubators and spawns of Mono, it was the Galli that I needed and after a few events I had the Galli covered!