Plans and solutions for saturdays epic strike events?

Feel free to share your planning and experience whith the epic cunning creatures events :grin:

I‘m thinking of lvl 16 Tryostronix, lvl 18 Stegodeus, lvl 16 Monostegotops and lvl 16 Utasinoraptor.

@Hersh Bro, you’re sending out your Koola?

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Lvl 20s I refuse to make a plan randomly click a team.

Lvl 30 can’t cure bleeds.


Yeah, bleed them and swoop. Then send in a tank.

Tryo is probably useless against lvl 30 duo as both are Nullifyers.
I’ll probably stick to Indoraptor, Stegodeus.

EDIT: Koola will most likely come first then swap to Diplo gen2 as it has swap in distraction.

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Both L30 koola have 5K+ health. Need some big hitters.

Very good point, 25 Steg instead makes a lot more sense

Not sure if these are 100% accurate after 1.5

Hmm what dinos would you use?

Maybe start with suchotater, first instant distraction and then lethal wound. And if you still alive then swap to suchomimus for swap in wound

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Yh i was thinking spinotasuchus to start off with

Spinota attacks 1st with lethal wound then takes hit. Hopefully Diplo 2 starts 1st cos no slowing impact. That’ll clear half of Diplo 2’s health after Spinota swoops to be replaced by Stegodeus. Diplo 2 should be dead after attacking once. Stego’s first move should be to slow Koola down. Then APR. That should clear more than half of Koola’s health. Don’t use shields. Just keep hitting till Stego is dead. 3rd dino to send out must be faster than Koola to get the first hit in.


So spino level 16 stegod level 19 and velo 19 or pyrittator 16?

L16 Spino might not be able to sustain both’s 1st hit if it crits. So you’ll only reasonably have to rely on one bleed which will not take the 1st dino out after turn 3.

Pyritator or vrap is almost the same. What you need is a dino faster than 125 speed that deals 2X damage first up.

My response just got moderated

Ok saw spino might not be good enough which is a shame

Spino IS good. A higher level would be able to bleed twice but one bleed is okay. Do remember that bleeding takes off the percentage of max health, not remaining health

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Would you go with pyrittator or velo last and what would be my back up?