Plans and solutions for saturdays epic strike events?

Velo because L19 hits harder.
Another tank as backup

Hmmm got trago level 17 or monostego 17 and sorry level 20 velo

For the lvl 30 strike, I’m going with bleeders too. Suchotator and spinotaraptor. Take a pyrritator fir heavy hit and probably a tank you let them bleed :grin:

I’m guessing diplo will be swapped in turn 2 so saving bleed for diplo would make sense?

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Yeah I think it will swap after his first blow

Just read up metahub for this strike event n ankylocodon was mentioned as a potential dino due to immunity, may go with Sucho +3 tanks (Sucho lvl20, anky lvl24, Stegod lvl24, tragod lvl20)
Rd1: Sucho goes in, takes 1 hit from koola. Diplo swaps in.
Rd2: Sucho lethal wound diplo.
Rd3: diplo takes out Sucho. I bring in Anky.
Rd4: Anky takes out diplo. Koola comes in.
Rd5: koola takes out Anky. I bring in Stegod.
Rd6: hopefully Stegod can finish off koola, with tragod as backup if needed.
Sounds like a plan?

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Brachiosaurus + Giraffititan + Nodopatotitan & Back-up tank.
They slow and remove distraction and they have a :poop: load of HP.
Brachiosaurus-1 Giraffatitan Nodopatotitan


Trio, go with raptor, duo go with bleeder. Hope get a lot dilopho gen 2 and monolophosaurus

Diplo came first. Critted and one shotted my suchotator!!! Utasino and stegodeus won after that inital shock!


Diplo started for me as well. Lvl18 Spinotasuchus used 2 bleed moves on it and swooped to lvl 22 stegod. After stegod came in my lvl18 suchotator and finished the job.

Other tower: lvl22 stegod killed 2 of them so from there it was easy. Procerato was first and used slowing impact (first and third stage). Dilopho was the second dino and always used nullifying to start with.

I just tackled them on with my Spinotasuchus (21) and Utarinex (24). Bled out the first one, the second couldn’t handle the force of my Utarinex! :crazy_face:


Suchochator lv 13 vs rare
Debuff, bleeder, debuff.
Swap for gigaspik lv 17: kill him. Die vs koola but slow him.
Back to sucho, bleeder die and tank with ankylocodon lv 15
Easy win


Bleed tank Bleed tank worked at least with my team.

Not as difficult as other recent towers. But wonderful feeling openening two epic incubators within minutes. I hope Ludia don’t change this.


@Joe_Ng haha I don’t think I’ve played my koola more than once since I got it :joy:

Let’s just hope todays incubator doesn’t take that as a hint to send me more :grimacing::man_facepalming:t4:

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Mine did. Its very likely.

Koola for everyone.

I don’t like my odds @David_Courtney :cry:

Maybe today is the day JWA chooses to surprise me and instead of giving koola as expected I get all 360+ of T. rex or Sino ?? :joy:

Welcome to my world, have a seat, pop a cold one, were gonna be here awhile :joy:

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Mono I don’t think Trex or Sino are cunning just very good at hiding

lol I know … it’s going to be all 100% koola!
@Joe_Ng already predicted my future on this one. I’m going to go do the tower now. Let’s seee :crossed_fingers:t4:

360 mono please