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More information to come :slightly_smiling_face:


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@Sionsith your channel is awesome… +1 sub from me


Congratulations to your 100th video.

Just watched it and my goals for the next year(s) are very much the same as you have. I suppose I’m moving slower than you and I’m not doing the exact calculations. I’m afraid that this could depress me, it is enough for me to know that my goals are very ambitious.

One additional goal of mine is to have a level 40 version of each 50k VIP and to max out my first VIP paddock.

At the moment the Indoraptor 2nd Gen is distracting me from these goals, because I want 12 lvl 10 of it. Maybe I change my mind during the process.

One advice from my side: Get more sleep, we still need you.

And one question: You scroll through your list of dinos so fast, are you using a desktop version of the game? My list scrolls unbelievable slow…I may have mentioned this once or twice before.

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I use my iPhone XS for playing and recording, I will some times get a laggy scroll but for the most part it does pretty good job of keeping up with the game.

I am mostly getting enough sleep, could probably use more sleep. I have found the best time for me is to record these videos fairly early in the morning so I am not interrupted by the family and have time to edit said video before publishing same day.

Yeah after I did the math on what I was aiming for I was like “ohh, well snap that’s a lot of DNA” but it is nice to have it laid out we will see how focused I can stay. New creatures getting introduced like potentially this weekend are not going to help keep me focused on this goal but new creatures I think I can make some exceptions for.


No chance of me recording. I play on an iPad and it’s usually so laggy I have to leave it out for a minute or two for it to settle down.

I thought that I heard a couple of yawns in the background in your video. Maybe it was an Indoraptor and not you.:wink:

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That’s a good idea @Tommi I need to get an Indoraptor sound bite that I can then dub over when I yawn.


Top 35 update after the first level raise:

Current ferocity down to the lvl 11 Indoraptors is 14,161 - 13,726
Metriaphodon at 14,161 for lvl 25
Gorgosuchus at 14,141 for lvl 31
Segnosuchus at 14,071 for lvl 30
Indoraptor at 13,726 for lvl 11

Have 3 of the 9 level +31 Gorgosuchus with the ability to fuse 2 more right now if I wanted but will hold off, I think I am going to try and hold on to 3-4 of the lvl 30 Gorgosuchus’s at a time before making a lvl 31.

Metriaphodon will now be the last one fused to level 31 since level 30 will take me all the way to 15,847 ferocity which will be 6% less than the Gorgosuchus at lvl 40.

Once my Gorgosuchus army is complete it will be Segnosuchus to work on since at lvl 30 there is no room to grow and will need to jump to the lvl 31 range for more gains in ferocity.

My Gen one Indoraptor paddock is full (4 lvl 11 and 8 lvl 10) so it is time to start working on Gen two, 15 more to go as I have my first one in there To get to 8 lvl 11.

I will continue to update this thread as I progress on this goal.


Looks very similar to my goal, although I am progressing at a much slower speed. I’m still working on having 10 level 30 Gorgosuchus before I will start to bring them to level 31.


Did some tracking today after the hybrid discount window, down to only needing the following to reach my goal I laid out in this post:

  • 1,924,832 DNA
  • 28,000 SDNA

Its been approximately 9 weeks since I set out on this goal and have collected and spent 1,387,680 DNA and 8,000 SDNA on creatures or about 154,187 DNA and 889 SDNA a week. At this rate I have another 12.5 weeks on the DNA side and 31 weeks on the SDNA side (Yikes). The good news is I can move forward with increasing my core creatures after just the DNA side of things so some time before Thanksgiving I should have some maxed level Tournament Hybrids stalking the streets of my park. I have also been going slightly higher than the 154k in DNA a week number up above lately, so I might reach these goals closer to the beginning of November than the end.


My plans were just coin production for now. I ended up maxing 7 of each 30min common hybrids today using the 20% DNA discount (I used a free VIP trial so it’s a 1 time thing so I took advantage of it) and 10k bucks, I don’t know if that is worth it but hey, I’ll take an extra ~7M coins per hour.

Saved around 30k DNA :dna:

Edit: I used the creation lab discount to evolve my numerous lv 30s to lv 40. Well worth it IMO.

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Adding my top lineup for historical standpoints:


About 800,000+ DNA to go, and a lot of food…


The Gorgosuchuses have emerged…

383,244 more DNA to go :+1:t2::+1:t2:
20,000 more SDNA :exploding_head:


Very strong army :slight_smile:


you’re right!

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Update on the top 42 lineup:

About 35 days and it’s changed like this:
+2 lvl 31 Segnosuchus at the cost of 4 lvl 30’s
+2 lvl 30 Armormatas
No change in the number of Herbivores

+1 lvl 30 Gorgosuchus
Add one to the amphibian total

+1 lvl 17 Indoraptor at the cost of 2 lvl 10’s
+1 lvl 17 Indoraptor Gen 2 at the cost of 1 lvl 10
-1 on the total of Carnivores

No change to the Pterosaurs

Keeping the balance on the progress.