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will you max all the creature??
Also why not try and add 10-20-30-40 to all the dino(Not tournament hybrid)

Also its such a cool lineup, this must have taken a great deal of patience and dedication congrats

Eventually yes I will max all of them, don’t have the food to do any maxing right now. I am looking at possibly not maxing more than one of some of the creatures, not sure it makes sense for some of them as it adds multiple days to a creature cool down and half’s the amount available.


Cool, do you have all the copies for each, also max indominus rex gen2, you cant leave him lastly will you make at least one max of each of the indoraptor

Yes I have all the copies for what we’re my goals. There are a few hybrids (glythronax, allonogmius, dracoceratops, chromaspinus) that I need to make and bring to level 40 or at least two lvl 30’s depending on where they fall on the roster.


why 30 al o them are weaker than aromata

They will most likely go to 40, just giving my self an out :wink:


super cool, agin best lineup ever!!!

I went ahead and pulled the trigger…

My food gave up


rip food the food will be remembered

Woah, congrats!! :partying_face:

Indoraptors chuckling at the back knowing they’re next… :smiling_imp:


he can max his indoraptor and indoraptor gen2 now if he wants to

but that will unbalance his lineup so there is no benefit there

I have been saving up on all my DNA & S-DNA & B-DNA Maybe in another month I will add more to my lineup