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Update on the top of the park:

Changes to the Hybrid lists: (green boxes)

No changes to badge status:

Will see if by the new year I am ready to bite the bullet and take some of my Indoraptors up to lvl 40 but already F4F has turned into my let’s see what it throws at me today event for a good laugh:


I’m enjoying tracking your progress almost as much as I’m enjoying tracking my own :slight_smile: .
There’s nothing new I can say about it what hasn’t already been said, so I will say only: congrats on this updates!
Couple of days ago I have re-watched your episode 151 (one of my favorite) as I can now understand much better your planning, concerns and obstacles you were having back then. Obviously, your current plans are still too far from my plans - but one day I might get closer… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Your help in that journey will be invaluable! :+1:

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so what about the progress on the normal tournament
Also absolutely fantastic progress I love it

I know there has been progress made but I need to get back to my spreadsheet to update what I still need to make.

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If I were u, I wouldn’t max an Iraptor G2. Instead if u ever max one, do regular indoraptor. Less cooldown.

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I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or if you are serious, if it’s the first well played, if it’s the second please reread this thread and watch the videos posted within as well.


How did you not max indom gen2​:sob::sob::sob::sob::grin::grin:

Its a joke btw

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Moments like these are just pure gold.

Do you remember the time that a player gave you advice on tournament runs aswell? I mean, its not like you were providing us with trophy predictions or videos… :joy:


There’s actually no reason to ever max an S-hybrid. The difference between level30 and 40 is so minute that it’s better to save resources and 2 level 30

Please remember to be respectful.


Using that logic, nothing should ever be raised higher than a lvl 30 VIP. There is nothing that “requires” anything stronger than that level to complete from a battle standpoint.

However from an accomplishment standpoint there are lots of things that are associated with passing lvl 30 VIP strength.


List of Tournament creatures needed for level 40…
First round original level 40’s: (18 needed)

Creature Number of copies needed
Deinosuchus 1
Carbonemys 7
Platecarpus 3
Mastodon 1
Ornithocheirus 3
Plesiosuchus 1
Tupandactylus 1
Edmontosaurus 1

Second round post hybrid for level 40: (45 needed :frowning: )

Creature Number of copies needed
Ceratosaurus 1
Dracorex 1
Zalmoxes 1
Triceratops Gen 2 4
Spinosaurus Gen 2 7
Parasaurolophus Gen 2 4
Albertosaurus 7
Deinonychus 4
Dilophosaurus Gen 2 4
Pteranodon Gen 2 5
Lythronax 4
Mosasaurus Gen 2 3

Amazing progress, you are so close!!

how is making fun of myself disrespectful?

We Made It!!! - JWTG Episode 200


Yay u uploaded again

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Incredible achievement, it’s fantastic, absolutely love it, very satisfying to see those max indo


Congratulations on 200 episodes!!! Huge milestone


Update on the top of the lineup (only missing Glythronax couple more weeks and the lvl 40 will be added):

Added an additional row to get Allonogmius in there.


That last row finally displayed some s-hybrids other than the indos.