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Plans thread

I made this thread for people who have plans for something but are unsure on something.
My plan is to make a bunch of lvl 20 spinoraptors because spinoraptor is my best creature at the moment or i could make a lvl 40. What should I do?


If all these Spinoraptors are your strongest creatures then DON’T DO THIS !!!
It will unbalance your formation!

ok but they are my strongest creatures only by a bit the other two behind it are lvl 10 Acro and lvl 10 Eudimorphodon. Acro has about 100 less health and 20 less attack

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If they are the strongest you should leave them where they are! :laughing:

If you do end up doing that, don’t level them up past 20 because that will unbalance your lineup

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