Play like a VIP

So after playing minimally for over a week I decided to knock out todays Frostsilver mines event (tag line on the flyer “play like a VIP”). 56 runs later (3 dicing every one) I got:
0 20s
5 19s
2 17s
2 16s
Over 20 11s (I didn’t keep track of the lower numbers, but I notice my warrior flask count go up by about 900)
And 3 secret rooms
RNG can be a cruel mistress sometimes. Think I’m going to take another week off.

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I did 13 runs with three dice each.

Runs 10 and 13 had 20 rolls (360 gems).
Run 3 had a 17 (90 gems) that I avoided because it would have prevented collecting two 20s.
Run 6 had three different gem rewards, I went with the 36 gems one because that allowed two 20s.
Run 7 had a 15 (72 gem reward) that I also avoided.
Run 12 had three different gem rewards, 17 (90 gems) and 2 different 12 gem rewards. I went with the 12 gem reward.

In total I collected 768 gems from 13 runs, two of which were free.

This experience should be slightly above average as it takes about 14 tries to get two 20 rolls.

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I did 10 more runs and finally got my 20. 66 runs, 198 dice…I’m a broken man. I’m more upset about there only being 3 secret rooms. The proc rate on those things is way too low especially for the contents not being that good.

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A few events ago I did 21 * 3 dice runs and got zero d20. Haven’t got a d20 since either :stuck_out_tongue: