Play on pc using an emulator

Hi, i’ve seen some people that plays on PC using a 3rd party emulator (Bluestacks, NOX, Memu, etc…) but i dont know if that is against the terms of service or not. Can any STAFF confirm this please? I dont want to get in trouble.

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Hey there, @Daniel_Figueiredo, thanks for asking! The use of 3rd party apps or software directly violates our Terms of Service, so we strongly advise that you do not use any of these.

I’ve been using Bluestacks for a very long time now… when i wanted to get the game, it said i had to have Bluestacks for it. but i don’t like Bluestacks at all. and it slows down my PC. is there any other way to get the game?

You can play on a mobile device, such as a smart phone or a tablet, by downloading it from either the iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Sorry i didn’t say this… but i don’t have any of those…

thank you! However can i ask if ludia plans on making a pc version for it? the game draims the battery of my phone so fast… i would love to play it on pc

I don’t think we have any current plans to do this, @Daniel_Figueiredo, but I’ll be sure to pass along your suggestion to our team so that they can consider it.

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Mobile games don’t often go the route of later having a PC version. If this was going to be a multi platform game, it’s usually released that way to begin with. And with this game still being fairly new, I’m pretty certain this would be the farthest thing from their mind right now. Even if it’s a port (which it would more than likely be), that’s still a heck of an undertaking.

Also, with that being said, I’m not sure it’s often in the best interest of the company to do this anyway, as it would require reallocation of resources and staff to the PC build. They would have to have their own team and I don’t know how likely it would be that they would be given the resources to hire more people instead of just straining the preexisting group by having less people on both teams.

And then there’s the issue of cheating. Which is why 3rd party app and software use is a violation of the ToS. It can very easily upset the balance of the game, the economy, etc, and that’s a very quick way to tank games like these entirely. It can be protected against, but it seems to be a messier affair on PC. Account bans, IP bans, game resets can fix the source of the problem, but not the damage they caused. There’s usually some sort of ripple effect.

All in all, I’m not an expert. This is just stuff I’m fairly aware of. Ludia has done ports before, I just wouldn’t necessarily rely on it being a possibility, nor a priority. I know it sucks :confused: I’ve been in that boat before.