Play your own game (Gamepress Article)

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As far as I’m concerned, this is a good advice, but that’s also the main problem with this type of game. Until recently, a typical game (think boardgame) came with a set of rules and you simply played them. Sometime players would come with a variation of the rules, but as long as they all agreed on it before starting to play, that was not a problem.

With online game like this one, it’s another story. As you’re playing the game, the rules are changing all the time. While you’re playing your own game, players are asking for nerfs (instead of buffing unused dinos) and Ludia listen. Players are over boosting any dinos, and if they are wrong they simply have to whine enough for Ludia to give them a boost reset. So overall, it’s like playing chess, but the moves from each pieces can change almost on a monthly basis. Still a great game, but sure enough, playing your own game and having to adapt/guess what the changes will be next month make it much harder to play correctly. If at least those who are asking for changes would be right, it would be good, but look at what happened recently. Ludia did nerf Maxima and Thor and everybody was saying it was the end of those dinos. Guess what, they are still in 100% of the teams.


The ones who asked for changes were not necessarily the same as the ones who tried to predict what Ludia’s changes would cause. Also, while there appears to be some division regarding Maxima, everyone called what would happen to Thor correctly (at least from what I’ve read on the forums). Thor was buffed for the arena, and nerfed for raids. It isn’t unusable in raids, but the raid strategies involving it are much less accessible than before, and it’s definitely a nerf in that regard.

I think the point is that there is no ‘correct’ way to play the game, play it how you want.


good read. at least 1 person came to mind when i read that.


Thor was pretty bad in arena and still was in most non top end game teams because people like to boost It despite It being bad. So them being on many teams doesn’t say much about them being good. And It was pretty bad for maxima until they decided to give some HP back, before that It was a terribly mediocre dino. The only reason It stayed on most teams after the hammer was because people were stuck with It. Even right now neither Thor or maxima are exactly top tiers, although they aren’t bad by any means. Still, I’d still say they need a little something. Maxima could get 10% armor, Thor I’m not sure, but I think It needs something.

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Anybody remember how fun this game was with version 1.0 though? How everybody was saying it should have stayed that way? I don’t think that everything that has happened in the last two years was for the better. It’s a totally new game, and only thing that is still there from version 1.0 is some old bugs that were never fixed… I really, really wish the rules would not change all the time.

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I like that article :smiley:


I really do hope to see some variety in the arena. It gets boring after facing the same four creatures over and over. But it feels really nice when you finally battle a LvL 30 Mujungasaurus.

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Thank You! I know I personally enjoy facing different teams. There was one in the Shores running a lvl 30 boosted Ophaicodon, an Allosino and a ton of other different things (if anyone knows Dan let him know I would love to connect on Discord!). Those matches always made me sit up straighter and actually think about my matchups because it was something I wasn’t used to playing.

You are right on point with this! I hope that if more people take this mindset maybe it would be fun for them again. I know many people focusing on running epics and rares in the arena so they can use them in tournaments as well are having a blast when they finally just started playing and leveling what they wanted.

I am not saying Ludia doesn’t need to make some changes either. I also believe the drastic nerfs and buffs that often put out make the gameplay experience difficult for many. I just think more people can also think outside the box and level different things to make the arena more varied :slight_smile:


For some time now I’ve been saying exactly this in our discord group. The arena can be the most frustrating part of the game for many players, but there is so much more to embrace now. Not to mention the fact that you can make the arena whatever you want it to be.

What’s the ultimate goal for anyone who sees the arena as a competitive element? To move up the ladder of course. And that’s pretty easy in the lower levels until you hit the 4250 mark and then it becomes way more difficult. So, change your attitude and it’ll begin to become fun again. Swap your team around, and stop worrying about whether you win or not. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes when you no longer care whether you win or lose. And pretty soon you’ll find yourself slowly moving back up.

Start raiding and collecting dna for more diverse dinos and play friendlies to hone your battling skills. Don’t let the arena become a negative experience. Who actually cares whether you win or lose a battle? Only you!


to add on to this;
Shake up when you battle and for how long. Facing too many tough opponents often, try a different time of the day. Who’s on at the same time you are will change and it will be a whole new set of players to battle against. If you can, do battles in short bursts. 1-3 every so often thought out your free time. It can keep you from getting too frustrated and give you a break in between sets to clear your head. you don’t have to get your DBI in one sitting.

Yeah, find your own fun, pretty much. I actually genuinely enjoy the arena, being unboosted usually means you don’t feel bad when you get swept (or perhaps I’m just numb to it lol), and it’s pretty rewarding beating boosted monsters. It’s also fun switching creatures around every now and then, even to try something nonsensical.

This has to be the most important thing about JWA!!! I agree with you 200% I’ve started doing that many months ago and it’s truly the only way to keep enjoying this game. You play as if it was always some AI on the other side, and you don’t care about the rank. If you win, you win, if you loose you loose. (though, you have to keep the incubators running, that’s about it) If the background would not change every month (when I drop one arena after the reset) I would have no clue what my rank is. At the beginning it may be strange for somebody who’s used to play games and try to win while having fun, but once you get in that frame of mind, yep, the game is fun again. You also end up saving money since you’re have zero temptation to invest in the game since your level doesn’t really matter anymore. Win-win in my book.


This has always been my JWA philosophy :ok_hand:t2:

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Thor is used on almost every single team in the top 20. It doesn’t need anything. Those aren’t people stuck with Thor those are people with max level and boosted Dino’s sitting on their bench. Enough Thor’s that there’s a decent amount of spyx also being ran.

Sure, those people aren’t stuck with Thor, but i was talking about Maxima when i said that, not Thor. Maxima is not on most top teams even now. Thor is being more used than maxima, which is kinda funny since Thor is probably still pretty mediocre in tournaments.

Good article!