Playable Boss vs Phoenix 44

Hello Fellow Dinosaur Trainers,
Our developers are looking at how to tie the two together and take into account the insane amount of damage some players were able to achieve.
Thank You

Edit: Playable Boss is not usable in the Phoenix 44 battle. Apologies


Good thing, I saw some players getting billions of damage being accounted


Will it still count toward the Raid Missions of do X Damage?


@Keith If the damage does not count towards the missions Ludia has effectively made this new “feature” worthless for those that have no practical use for amber. Also I hope that Ludia is then understanding that there should be no adjustments made to the overall raid boss goal and it should be kept at the lower amount or historical amount that is typically required for bosses.

This is what I was afraid of in terms of Ludia not asking for feed back and just making changes without checking in with the player base…



I hope it counts towards the “x damage” tasks. I’ve been priming my Juggernaut for this.

What does this mean?


They disabled playable boss vs boss.

We did too much damage and they want to “fix” that.


THAT is the best solution they could have found?!? Oh my…
If they were not able to think of something better - they should have just leave it as it was last time… what harm would actually that caused? Now we (again) have “half-solution” which doesn’t benefit anyone, it just irritates players with new bugs/issues (or whatever we should call this )…


Typical they give it and then take it away


This is very frustrating. I did the first level carefully to avoid KOing the boss, but no event unlock. I came here to find out why and - change of plan - no bosses.

How dull. I was really looking forward to taking Juggers on a charge after trying Omega last time.

I hope we all get an extra DNA gift to compensate for all the DNA that would have been available that way (but I bet we just get more amber).



So your telling me that we the player wait a WEEK to get amber from the boss dinosaur which has no meaning besides that and all you say is SORRY and you think everything is fine i demand compensation for being mislead about this weeks terrible boss battle.


You’ve done it again ludia!


That’s unfortunate, I was hoping for some extra amber out of this. But I still don’t know why this is such a big thing, to completly remove boss vs boss battles from this one. Can’t small change in community damage solve it? then from 8,5 billion it could be something crazy like 20 billion or more. That, even with amazing juggernaut attack would be challenging and not as easy as ouroboros goal was.


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It is incredible how Ludia continues to insist on the playable bosses, they were disastrous from the day they were released and to this day, it continues to show how bad their inclusion was. The only redeeming thing for me were those boss vs boss battles which the reward was a package with DNA and a legendary creature but hey, Ludia acted and changed them for amber (which I will never understand what they wanted to do by blocking available creatures and then add this rare market). Now this today, they add something moderately good and a few days later they remove it surely to put something worse… You yourselves take away the desire to play this game, with a lot of potential, but that you never took advantage of. I hope they realize sometime


This is Ludia Legitamently “solving” problems that they themselves create.

I mean last time we blew through Ouroboro in like 2 days, did Ludia not expect us to do the same today without them upping the communal goal? This is getting so old.

Disappointment 10/10. But hey ho thanks for this being the pinnacle of development now and not Isla Sorna unlocks, Park Level increase, or a new Amphib Tourney Hybrid.

Jeff is my Daddy :black_heart:


Yes/no. The extra DNA from the damage missions is what I was interested in. Of course with BvB being disabled there’s effectively no way to reach that damage thresholds and thus no way of obtaining the DNA, which is what I am furious about.


I think it might be legitimately time to 86 playable bosses. Tho im sure a lot of you guys/gals reached that conclusion months/years ago. But honestly the issues with the pheonix 44 event is one reason i stopped vip.


And there goes my upgrade on Juggers for nothing.


I’ve invited all of my friends to a party at our house. Dad sold the house the day before the event.

I’m the uncanny Mr. Incredible.

Edit: I invite you to the memes thread folks, I think this is right on point at this very moment. Please be my guest. Oh please, please, after you.


Yes, last time I didn’t realise the existence of levels beyond 300K damage until it was too late, so I too was aiming at using Juggers to gather all that lovely DNA, as hinted at in my post above. I don’t know if they have even kept the additional levels.

By the way @Keith , there is a bit of a glitch with the ‘contributor’ labels. When I got to 25K damage goal, with 8 goals completed, I noticed it switch BACK to Novice.

Then it stayed at Novice until 20 goals/ 200K damage target, when it suddenly switched to Master Contributor with no steps in between. It has no bearing on the outcome but it is a bit odd.