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Playback mode


So we’ve all had those fights that we would love to see again! I’m not just talking a playback without the waiting for response from players, I mean have it look like the actual fight would have! The little Gallimimus actually dodging the giant snapping jaws of the T-Rex. Or show the wound on a creature as it got damage over time. If the cloak worked in the fight for Indo, show it do it’s camouflage cloak ability, but if it didn’t work, just show show it regular. I’m sure the developers could come up with really great lookin graffics! This would take a lot of space to store this ability, but maybe there could be an option at the end of a battle to Save to Video, or somethin. Than it would take a min to compile it to a clip, than be available to watch later. Idk, as I’m writing this it does seem like a lot of work, and space to do this. I still think it would be cool to watch!


Yes please! :grin:


It’s what we devs call Low Impact High Risk change.
I already see battle animations and moves lagging (not to forget regular freezes). I’m afraid if a recorder runs alongside then it can only make things worse.

I’m all yes for a bug-free battle recorder though :slight_smile:


How about one clicks on one of it’s attack and the dino in Lab actually does that animation on the dais?

I’m bored of the current 2 animations in loop.