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Player count?

Started one month ago. I picked the vip pass, characters at level 8-9. Enjoying the game, but I’m wondering how many players are still playing the game? Is it still an active game so investing time is worth it?

That’s hard to know - seems to be less playing pvp

Because in all seriousness PvP is quite possibly the worst game ever created. Just had Yet another 4 vs 1 loss against immortal cleric to add to the huge list of utterly absurd battles

Either the devs don’t play the games enough to know how ridiculously bad the PvP is or they don’t care

The explore and challenge side of the game are great though and they don’t require anyone else to be playing …

Sure the pve can be played alone, but tbh I think this kind of game are pvp in essence. Additionally, the daily quests force you to pvp.

I’m afraid if people are boycotting pvp, the mismatchs (i.e. matchmaked against stronger or weaker opponents) will be more likely :frowning:

Unfortunately a number of alterations implemented by the development team over the past few months has eradicated a once large and growing active player base. I have VIP but do not spend money on micro-transactions. As the game has evolved into a PvP game, I suspect they will soon need to begin the eventually wind-down if they are unable to attract a significant number of active players.

However, that being said, I still invest nearly an hour/day in the game.

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