Player level for tournament

What is the minimum level that the player has to have in order to participate in the weekend tournaments?

There’s no minimun level requirement. But you need to reach Badlands at least once to participate.


I didn’t reach the badlands before and I was able to play in the tourneys. You just need enough dinosaurs to fit all the requirements.

Unless Ludia changed the requirements, all accounts created after 1.13 was released need to reach badlands to participate.

We have a player in the alliance who is at level 8, who is not eligible to play in weekend tournaments. Thats why I asked.

I participated in the tournament with my account at level 5 while others at level 8 were not eligible, to participate in the tournament you must have completed level 5 of the campaign mission

just trying to quell my own curiosity. When were each of those accounts created, and what arena are they in. Because all i’ve been able to find on Tournement entry has been from 1.13 release notes back in March.

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still in the first Threatened Kingdom arena

this account was created at the beginning of the game, but I had never played it until a few days ago

Since that account was created before 1.13 was released, it was grandfathered into the tournaments.