Player Made AI Teams for Other Players to Battle

This Idea is off another Idea I had about player made strike towers. Instead of setting up a team in a strike tower, we make an AI team for other players to battle.

The picture below would be a team set up screen and where you select which moves you want your team to make in which order including switching. You can program 1 to 4 dino’s and rewards will be based on the AI teams strength vs your team strength.

If your AI team wins, you get rewards. If you win an AI team you get rewards. Reward can be much larger if you defeat a stronger AI team.

The point of fighting a strong AI team is to earn the much higher reward but this also give the AI team owner more of a chance their programmed team could win and get good rewards themselves.

We could select easier AI teams to battle but if we defeat a puny team with a very high team, the rewards will be very, very tiny and not worth the time.

So if I put together an all level 20 team, I’m going to want to take on a higher 22 to 25 team to make a win worth while. It will increase my chance I could lose and the team I’m fighting wins but this is the point to make this a challenge and give both side an opportunity to win.

For those who find battling real people stressful. This would be an alternative that would be more enjoyable.

Select the difficulty scale. Add the appropriate leveled dino’s in the order you want. Select the moves of each dino in the order you want including switching. Hit done.


They set up a Player AI battle arena where you select the level range of teams you want to battle, You pick the 4 you want and go at it. They can make it so you don’t get to see what your fighting ahead of time or not see what your fighting to make it more surprising. I would suggest this to be a non boosted mode arena at least for starters.

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