Player Made Strike Event Towers (Revised)

Since there are not enough people playing to set up a strike in smaller communities. I revised my idea as mentioned that when you set up a strike tower team, it will be put in a cue that will be randomly dealt out to other player engage Player Strike towers around the world.

The first panel shows what a player strike will look like when you go into a tower.

The second panel is where you set up your own team for others to battle.
First you select a difficulty level. This will filter your creatures to only the ones you can
place on your team.
Second you highlight the empty slots and choose which creature to go 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th.
The Third panel shows the attack move order you want your creature to use in the order you want including swapping.

You just hit done when your done.

You will get an in game message when someone has battled your team, win or loose. If your team beats its opponent, you get one of each boost. If your team looses, you get 100 coins and one green buck for each opponent creature your team took out before loosing, if any.

Once your team has been played, you can set up another team.

Coins are dealt out based on the difficulty of the towers and shows in the upper right corner. You can play as many as you want. They will have to set up reward limits on both ends.

Towers will deal out teams closest to your team strength so they will be a challenge for all players. This will give placed teams a chance to win. If you want to play lower towers, you set up a lower team. Then when you activate the tower, you will get a team near your team level. This will keep lower players from running into high level teams.

Towers will be non boosted and you will play non boosted. Boosted is for PvP.

I hope this will be a neat idea for the @Ludia_Developers to consider.