Player Made Strike Event Towers

Please make strike towers where players add their own creature for others to battle.

Below shows the set up bare tower, the filled tower and a tower in the middle of being take out.

Towers will appear in the morning that are empty once a weekend. The empty towers will glow red. Player strike towers will specifically be placed in parks and business location… not residential in order to be most accessible to the most players.

The first person to the tower can fill the tower with as many appropriate leveled creatures that they can add and hit done. The tower will glow yellow if activated by another player placing teams. Your only allowed to fill one tower during the event. The slots can only be filled by the appropriate levels of creatures. If you only have one creature for the team to fight, you can place just that one. You do not have to fill all the slots or team levels. For this event, creatures will not be boosted. Your teams will remain in the tower till someone defeats them all. The filled towers ready for battle will glow green.

When a person tackles the tower, they start from the top and work their way down. If they defeat the whole tower, they can set their own team of creatures in the tower replacing the previous teams unless they have already placed a team in a tower elsewhere. If your defeated, you cannot replay the tower but you can look for an try other towers that have teams placed in them.

Rewards are given to both the players teams in the tower and those who battle them.
For the teams placed in the tower. The owner will receive 100 coins for every take down and 1 of each boost for every time their team wins. (Daily limits apply).
For players fighting the towers, the winnings will be Friendly -100 coins, Beginner - 200 coins, Experienced - 400 coins, Advanced - 800 coins, Expert - 1600 coins, Master - 3200 coins. (Total 6300 per full tower) You can play as many as you can find. (Coin limits based on player level such as level 20 players will be 15000).

Two people can be fighting the same tower at the same time but if one takes out the tower, the other will have to wait for the new set of creatures to be placed to then start over or wait a 2 minutes to place their own team if the other player chooses not to or cannot. This gives the tower defeater a chance to place a team.

It may take several weekends to find the best places to find teams to fight and place yours where other players will find them and tackle them.

Even if this isn’t the perfect idea, maybe it will spark some interest or parallel ideas with the @Ludia_Developers to add more player interaction into the game.


This will probably only work if there are actually many millions of people playing this game, like pokemon go (i know you took this idea from that)…unfortunately, jwa doesnt even have 10% of PG playerbase

Yeah, in my city of 250k people, I would have to fill it and then battle it. I do not think there is another player.

Hmmmmm… perhaps a solution would be if the players’ input would be distributed by the system instead of being limited to one specific tower? To battle or to add your own creature line up to it, you would need to go to a special tower nearby. This tower would be both for making strike events as well as battling, and for all difficulty levels (it would allow you to choose which one you want to add or battle). Your input for creatures would be uploaded and then it gets queued with all the others world-wide. Not sure if it can be done technically though

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