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Player Option to play Non boost only

Ok so if boosts aren’t going away, can you put a checkbox or something on the arena page to enter a boost-disabled battle?

Like the arena would be exactly the same but boosts would be disabled and the leaderboard would be different. It would only have non boosted players only!

And if you have dinosaurs that do happen to have a boost or two, it simple disables them.
This way those who wish to spend heaps on boosts will be facing other boosted dinosaurs and those of us not boosting will get fair matches where we can still battle and earn incubators without being smashed by unfair teams!

TLDR: Basically give players the option to Opt-Out of boosted arena!

Edit: And maybe an option to enter Boosted arena as unboosted to get a bigger challenge for those who wish it.
Maybe offer slightly better rewards for fighting a boosted team with boost disabled team!

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