Player searching a good Alliance

Im a good player i don’ have discord but Im active and always do the 10 defeats on the tournaments my player name is DinoIsaac360 I’m searching for an alliance that gets to tier 9 on tournaments ,this my team:

We would be happy to take you in at ShakeN Bake! We just need you to be very active, 10 tournament takedowns every weekend, and active in raids

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Would you also consider a lvl 10 without discord? Dinosaurs are lvls 12-15 currently. I do daily tasks including pvp, pretty active (around 3hrs a day). Not done any raids yet.

Sheeeesh 3 hours a day

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I do like maybe an hour

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What incubator your alliance yets in the tournaments?

Me too Im always do like 1hour 30min

Only been playing less than a couple of weeks so I’ve been grinding out my collection, building my player level & Dino levels, was more the first few days but has tapered off since I hit lvl 9.

You should join Goose Gang 2. We regularly get high rewards and have a active community. You can message our leader Error#0108 over discord

I would love to join but I CAN’T have discord

Usually tier 5

Thanks but I’m searching for an alliance that get to tier 9

For an alliance to get tier 9 in the alliance championship, you need to score 2k per tournament per member at the minimum. Given the level of your account, it’s unlikely you can produce these performances week in week out. Try to get into a tier 8 alliance, it’s much more achievable and will help you grow.

Thanks that’s what I do

Y not?
10 char

Goblet of fire will always help you, if you want to join, we have a lot of player and we always do raid and give dna, we just need active player that cna help in tournament

I’m not fussed about tier level of alliance atm, more than happy to grow with a team, just need to find one that will take me w/out discord.

Why everyone no discord lol

What tier you yet on tournaments

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lol :laughing:
10 charac