Player searching a good Alliance

Tier 2 and growing, if we can get a few more player we might be able to get 5 maybe 6

How do you expect that without discord…that is like top 100🤣


Also we don’t need discord, I personally don’t have it and still do legendary raid

Legendary is a lot different than unique and apex, also some alliances like mine use discord for daily requirements and sanctuary votes


Because I was in an alliance that was in the top 250 and we get to the tier 9

Must be on a 5 week bc mine is top 100 and got tier 8

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I’m autistic Jeff, and so avoid all social media formats as I find it’s easier to maintain my equilibrium that way. I trust its no longer funny that I choose to do so!
Anyway, if anyone is happy to give me a shot, just let me know on here, I pop in several times a day.