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Player Survey & Vote Needed


Ludia has conducted player surveys and polls in the past. I believe that Ludia needs to propose two or three solutions to address/ correct the stat boost issues and ask the players to vote for the solution that they would like to see implemented.

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You mean biased survey’s like this where the answer you would like to give some days is not one of the choices?


It seems to me that Ludia has three options : 1) Do nothing. Let the game remain in is present state. 2). Implement changes to the game related to stat boosts without input from the players. 3) Implement changes to the game related to stat boosts with input and support of a majority of the JWA player base. If someone believes that Ludia has other options than those mentioned above, please post your thoughts on this topic.

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I think the option they will choose will be #2. They have a plan for what they want but it didn’t roll out properly. I’ll be surprised if it’s #3 and I’m sure it won’t be #1.


I never saw a survey regarding the stupid April events. I’m just glad they reverted back.

Yes 1.7 needs a huge survey.