Player versus Player - Longer Battles - Greater Rewards - FULL Strike Team

I think it’s a simple thing really. Everyone is pretty much familiar with my stance on the expansion of multiplayer content as far as expanding from 4 to 8 players in Lairs and adding Dungeons too. I have also stated that at some point we’ll need Alliance team based battles which means 4 on 4 or even 2 on 2 from your friendslist and upwards of 8 dinosaurs on the battlefield at a time.

So… why not give us longer Arena battles with the full Strike Team? NOT in the current Arena, but Arena Plus. A new Arena with longer battles. Greater rewards. With minimums of Epic Deoxyribonucleic Acid in moderately large amounts.

The Legendary Deoxyribonucleic Acid would be a target goal of winning every 5 battles and Unique Deoxyribonucleic Acid would be every 10.

Are you all in agreement with me?

P.S. I’m bored and wish someone would slide into my Direct Messages for isolated debates.


Someone private messaged me that this should be a campaign mode feature, but then that would go against the player versus player aspect. I would just feel more interested in player versus player intellectual strategy with a full Strike Team.

I think that there’s absolutely a place for team based pvp battles in the future, and it would have to be it’s own arena. There could be single player group battles (where each dino comes from your team) and team group battles (where each dino is controlled by a different player). I wouldn’t go for more than 4 active dinos per team at a time though (having a full team of 8 with 4 active and swapping could be a possibility for single group battles). The raid system is already built around this, and honestly coordinating more than 4 dinos (even just by yourself) seems like too much to deal with. I’m not sure if these battles would be longer or shorter, and I don’t think that matters, it would be a new and fresh experience. And the rewards could either be the same as the current arena rewards or improved. Maybe improved for group team battles to encourage actually playing together, because personally I would rather control everything myself every time :joy:


I also would open up team group battles to players outside of your alliance. I don’t know about you, but in my alliance, many people aren’t close enough in rank to be matched up in arena. If we all fought together on a team, matchmaking would be all over the place. So having options to battle on a team with friends or even randos would be nice. But for any team group battles, having a better communication system would be a must.

That’s the thing. Alliance and Friends would be everything set at Level 26.

Competitive with your own statistics would be Arena Multiplayer.

And I know it’s long-winded, but it’s easier than you think to coordinate a full Strike Team and I am so so curious to see how battles would go! Imagine how interesting the swaps could get! It’s exciting!

That could be one thing, but why not just use your normal dinos at normal levels? Some dinos are group battle oriented already, so if they were set to level 26 automatically, there would be no reason to level them up. Even so, higher rarity creatures still generally outclassed lower rarities (or at least they’re supposed to), so higher level players would still do better. I don’t see why you can’t use your normal team with levels, boosts, etc. Plus it would encourage people to use and buy boosts, and Ludia would like that…

4 at a time is fine. Coordinating 8 dinos on the battlefield per team at a time (16 total), THAT seems like too much. I think we both agree on that actually, based on the numbers you listed.


What numbers are you talking about?

Like 2v2, 4v4 (4 per team total), 4v4 (8 per team total) are all ok. But 8v8 is not.

Oh no! I just mean like if we had a 1 versus 1 battle, but we both used our entire Strike Team. That excites me. I want that so bad!

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Yeah that would be fun! I just didn’t know if you meant having all 8 out at once, or 4 out at once with the ability to switch to the others (which would be fun).

Oh no. me and you versus two other people saw @Qaw and @Pradyun_Gaddam would be one dinosaur each player, but each player brings two into a four slot. The same with 4 versus 4 and well you could have it be only one dinosaur each if you wanted.

Yeah there’s a lot of options. 2 players v 2 players with 2 dinis each works. Or 4v4 with each player bringing one dino. I was just thinking about 1 player vs 1 player before.

Lol, I would get a bary a irri and a tryo to buff a maxima rampage and one shot everything😂

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Lol, that’s probably why 2v2 might be the best

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I mean you could still double buff with an irri and one shot everything, but that would make it so much more fun. Multiplayer battles better be added or imma be angry

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I don’t have an issue with these kinds of battles but their is already a problem that has to be solved by Ludia before they can add anything like this and not make match making in general a worse experience in all game modes.

Until the problem that their is less then 20k players in library and up is solved you simply can’t add any other arenas that would further “divide” that segment of players. We already see what that would look like when weekend tournaments kick off and you see players fighting people over 1000k trophies difference then them.

The vast majority of this games playerbase is still in sorna,ruins, and avairy and lower. To put it in some perspective if you made it above 5k trophies your in single digit percentage of the current players base. Around 7% of the playerbase passed 5k trophies last season.

To further compound that problems players in the bottom half of that 7% aren’t even close to be able to match up with the top half. Think of the lower level difference between a shores team and a library team.

And that difference becomes a problem because the higher level teams are an even smaller fraction of that number. So higher teams are offered ai or lower teams to keep que times low.

Like I said I don’t have an issues with the proposed mode. It’s just that any kind of additional arena added before pop issues are fixed is just gonna leave us with worse match making then is currently in the one arena.

You can write Deoxyribonuclieic acid as DNA, But it’s a Nice Idea!

WOW! I’m in the Top 7 Percent!

I’m so happy!

Unfortunately they have to pack loads of new content or the game will eventually just stop being interesting. It’s already on its last legs come 2022 especially if there’s no aquatic update with the cap of Apex you can only make so many hybrids.